Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Last of Us

     This game has been out for a while and I actually completely forgot to even write anything about it. I just remembered that I never wrote a post about it, and I love this game way too much to not say anything about it.

     The Last of Us is by far one of the best games that I have ever played. The story was amazingly written and I cannot find anything that I didn't love about it. The relationship between Ellie and Joel as a main theme throughout the story couldn't have been better. To see these two characters care more and more about each other as the story progressed makes you care for the characters as well. You really couldn't ask for better characters for this game. They complement each other very well too. I also loved that the zombies in the game was a fungus-based zombie which to my knowledge has never been done before. I knew that Cordyceps existed (though it only infects some insects) before this game, so for Naughty Dog to use it as a zombie infection made the game seem even more realistic. The locations for the game were also great too, to be always moving through areas that used to be populated gave the game a scarier feel to it. As usual I'm not going to talk about the story at all because I think anything can be a spoiler in a game's story.

     The multiplayer for The Last of Us is just another thing that makes it a great game. Every match is two teams of four players. The multiplayer is more of a tactical type of game so sneaking around and fighting your enemies from longer range helps just as it does in the story. If you even try to run and gun you will be swiftly taken down. You can also find parts to find to make items to help you like bombs, shivs, and med kits like in the story.
      Right now there are only two game types, they are Supply Raid and Survivor. Supply Raid is the two teams fighting over the scattered supplies with each team having only 20 respawns each. Survivor is two teams with no respawns fighting to win the best out of seven rounds. I don't know if they'll add more gametypes but I certainly hope they do.

     There is an added element to the multiplayer called 12 weeks. Every player gets their own group of survivors. As you play the multiplayer and collect supplies you will either gain or lose survivors in your group depending on how well you do. The bigger your group, the more supplies required per game to keep your group healthy. Every game you play is one day in the 12 weeks. The only real point to having a big group is to unlock character customizations. In example, if you have at least 85 survivors in your group by the end of the 12 weeks you will gain a skull mask for your character which is actually pretty hard to accomplish. Every week you will get missions to accomplish that will either help or hurt your population so completing the missions are critical to keeping a high population. The great thing is you can completely ignore your group population and do as badly as you want if you don't care about character customizations.You can also choose whether your group is the Fireflies or Hunters from the story, but other than the look of your team I don't see any difference.

     The Last of Us is one of the few games that I can say that me and my friends hardly ever lose. I'm not sure how many losses we have but it's under 10, and those losses are mostly because, since there are only tree of us, we usually get one terrible teammate. As long as you have good people to play with you'll be fine. But since the game is full of terrible players, you may be completely screwed if you go in by yourself.

     If you enjoy videogames at all, I highly recommend this game.

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