Wednesday, July 24, 2013


     Sometimes I think of my future self as someone who is actually going to do things he wants to do and do the things he says he'll do, then I come to realize that it's still me, just older.

     To Do List: (that won't be accomplished)
     1. Learn the programming languages I keep telling myself I'll learn
     2. Learn the languages I keep telling myself I'll learn
     3. Learn to play the instruments I keep telling myself I'll Learn
     4. Work out as much as I keep telling myself I'll do
     5. Get a job
     6. Record more Vish Plays
     7. Post more on blog (for whatever reason)

     Yeah, I don't have much faith in myself.

Friday, July 12, 2013

A bit of a rant

     I really don't have anywhere else to post this, I don't give a shit about what 99% of people have to say on Facebook and I doubt there's many people who give a shit about what I have to say on there either. I may post a link on there to let my real friends know about this but here seems to be the only place I can actually put my thoughts down and put them out there for the few people that for whatever reason check my blog, but anyway...

     I just watched a video from IGN *here* about how Microsoft is involved with the NSA. Apart from how I think It's awesome Jason Mewes did an IGN video, and I thought he was hilarious, I'm not going to talk about the video so go watch it yourself. What I want to rant about is how everyone is giving Microsoft so much shit about helping the NSA with their surveillance. I do think Microsoft should be given the shit they're getting, I don't think Microsoft should be the only ones. Do you really think that Nintendo, Sony, Apple, Google, *insert big tech company here* aren't gathering as much information about you as possible and giving it to the government? There are laws that say they have to give certain information and I'm sure the companies would be more than happy to play hard to get until the government gives them some kind of monetary incentive for extra info. If you think they wouldn't than you are sadly mistaken. I hope I don't have to tell you that all they care about is money.

     I'm not going to claim to know anything about the NSA's dealings or plans, and I really haven't been keeping up with the whole controversy, but you can be sure it's not a recent thing. It's just another information gathering scheme. A lot of the blame is on Obama but I doubt it all started with him. People can bitch and moan about the government's surveillance but the government is always going to try to have as much power and information over it's people as they can because as we all have heard at least once, power corrupts and once you have it you'll want more and never give it up. This "great" country really hasn't been keeping up with the freedom theme as of late. A bit of a pessimistic view of things, I know, but sadly it's true save some special cases. Not really supposed to be part of my rant but threw it in there anyway.

     Another thing on my mind: All these companies talk about is how they are trying to give the consumers what they want and how their focus is the consumers. NO SHIT! The consumers are the ones giving them the money. You wouldn't expect them to go against the consumers, because then they don't make any money. They'll even change the word from consumer to something like "fan" to make it seem more personal but they don't look at you as fans, just consumers that will throw money at them for the next big thing. Sure we've all done it, and we will continue to.

     One last part of my rant. Everyone hated Microsoft for their policies after E3 and gave them more shit than I've ever seen a gaming company get. Then they decided it would hurt them more than help so they reversed their policies to be more in line with Sony's (which some were changed at the last minute after seeing reactions to Microsoft's conferences) which everyone seemed to love. It took no time for people to give Microsoft yet even more shit for changing their minds. Make up YOUR damn minds, people. I do have my suspicions of Sony fanboys campaigning as much as possible against Microsoft because they for some reason care what system people play.

     Give all the shit you want to Microsoft for their policies, their friendship with the NSA, or whatever it may be, just spread that shit around a bit more, I know you have plenty to spare.

Shit count: 9