Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Last of Us

     This game has been out for a while and I actually completely forgot to even write anything about it. I just remembered that I never wrote a post about it, and I love this game way too much to not say anything about it.

     The Last of Us is by far one of the best games that I have ever played. The story was amazingly written and I cannot find anything that I didn't love about it. The relationship between Ellie and Joel as a main theme throughout the story couldn't have been better. To see these two characters care more and more about each other as the story progressed makes you care for the characters as well. You really couldn't ask for better characters for this game. They complement each other very well too. I also loved that the zombies in the game was a fungus-based zombie which to my knowledge has never been done before. I knew that Cordyceps existed (though it only infects some insects) before this game, so for Naughty Dog to use it as a zombie infection made the game seem even more realistic. The locations for the game were also great too, to be always moving through areas that used to be populated gave the game a scarier feel to it. As usual I'm not going to talk about the story at all because I think anything can be a spoiler in a game's story.

     The multiplayer for The Last of Us is just another thing that makes it a great game. Every match is two teams of four players. The multiplayer is more of a tactical type of game so sneaking around and fighting your enemies from longer range helps just as it does in the story. If you even try to run and gun you will be swiftly taken down. You can also find parts to find to make items to help you like bombs, shivs, and med kits like in the story.
      Right now there are only two game types, they are Supply Raid and Survivor. Supply Raid is the two teams fighting over the scattered supplies with each team having only 20 respawns each. Survivor is two teams with no respawns fighting to win the best out of seven rounds. I don't know if they'll add more gametypes but I certainly hope they do.

     There is an added element to the multiplayer called 12 weeks. Every player gets their own group of survivors. As you play the multiplayer and collect supplies you will either gain or lose survivors in your group depending on how well you do. The bigger your group, the more supplies required per game to keep your group healthy. Every game you play is one day in the 12 weeks. The only real point to having a big group is to unlock character customizations. In example, if you have at least 85 survivors in your group by the end of the 12 weeks you will gain a skull mask for your character which is actually pretty hard to accomplish. Every week you will get missions to accomplish that will either help or hurt your population so completing the missions are critical to keeping a high population. The great thing is you can completely ignore your group population and do as badly as you want if you don't care about character customizations.You can also choose whether your group is the Fireflies or Hunters from the story, but other than the look of your team I don't see any difference.

     The Last of Us is one of the few games that I can say that me and my friends hardly ever lose. I'm not sure how many losses we have but it's under 10, and those losses are mostly because, since there are only tree of us, we usually get one terrible teammate. As long as you have good people to play with you'll be fine. But since the game is full of terrible players, you may be completely screwed if you go in by yourself.

     If you enjoy videogames at all, I highly recommend this game.

Friday, August 9, 2013

I Hate Fast Lane Passes

     So at Cedar Point they have a thing called Fast Lane where you pay for a pass that costs more than the tickets to Cedar Point. They let you cut in line in front of just about everyone that has been waiting in line for sometimes over an hour so that your rich ass can feel more important than the poor bastards that were only able to afford a regular ticket. It's not only Cedar Point that does this, I'm pretty sure every amusement park does it, at least every one I've been to does it. I'm not as angry about it now but when I was waiting in line for over an hour to ride the Millennium Force and I see these people with their passes getting in line ahead of just about everyone I was beyond pissed. I found it funny that cutting in line will get you kicked out of the park with no refund, but as long as you bribe the park management you can do it whenever you want. It made me think of a couple small plans that would require me to win the lottery or some other equally lucky event to happen in my life.

     Take a lot of money and find the longest line at the amusement park. Proceed to pay every single person in line a set amount of money to cut in front of them. Then see what park management has to say about that, after all if I'm the one getting cut in front of by people who pay, shouldn't I be getting some money? An option for the plan would be to pay the people that work there who let the Fast Lane people through, to not let people with Fast Lane passes through.

     Take a lot of money and buy a lot of Fast Lane passes and give them all away to anyone that doesn't have one. Simple, but is sure to cause some chaos and anger the park management, though not as much since they are getting their money for the passes which is why I'd prefer Plan 1.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cedar Point

    For this summer's vacation I went to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. Cedar Point has a very long and interesting history that I really don't feel like getting into, but the biggest things they boast is that they have been voted the best amusement theme park for 15 years straight. I'm wondering who the people are that voted for them because I do not think Cedar Point is at all better than Six Flags Great Adventure or Busch Gardens, though I do think it's better than Dorney Park. Now I'm not saying it isn't a good park, it is very far from it. Cedar Point is a great park and has some of the best rides I've ridden, though I do like the rides at Six Flags and Busch Gardens more, save a few painful ones. Also it seemed every rollercoaster I went on was said to be a record breaking roller coaster whether that record is relevant today or not. For example, they still say the Top Thrill Dragster is a record breaking coaster yet the Kingda Ka at Six Flags GA is taller and faster, though not by much. Another ride who's name I can't remember is apparently a record breaking coaster yet it was built in 1976 or so and I highly doubt nobody has beaten whatever record it is that it broke 37 years ago. The first day we went to the park only a few of the coasters had long lines and the rest had almost none, but the second day we went, everything had hour long lines. The layout of the park was a bit confusing at first which isn't surprising since they've constantly had to update the area of a small peninsula since 1905. I was also confused as to what the theme of the park was since some parts for some reason had dinosaurs, another was old western-like, I think the kids area was supposed to be medieval-like and the rest seemed to have no theme at all, though there were peanuts characters thrown into random locations.

     There is a water park next to Cedar Point to enjoy in the summertime, though it would have to be a very hot day to really enjoy it since just about all of the water they use for the tubes and such are freezing cold. There also aren't many water rides to go on which make for long lines and freezing cold waits.

     My family and I stayed at the Hotel Breakers which is one of the Hotels that shares the peninsula with Cedar Point and is one of the best hotels I've stayed at. They have great restaurants inside the hotel like Perkins, where we ate breakfast every day, and T.G.I. Fridays, where I finally ate ribs for the first time. Hotel Breakers is also located right on a beach of Lake Erie, where I probably would have had a better time at if it was a hotter day. It's hard to have a nice time at a beach while you're a little cold. It also would have been better if they didn't have a tiny portion of the lake roped off where the water never went past my stomach. The pools are pretty good though they too go no higher than four feet. Actually, there is no pool on the entire peninsula that goes over four feet which makes it very hard to swim when you're constantly worrying about your knees scraping against the sandpaper-like floor. There was also a small arcade that I liked mostly because it included the Star Wars Trilogy Arcade game which I have played and beaten many times yet never get bored of. The Hotel was very clean and well decorated to what I thought looked like one of those old luxury steamboats.

     Among the rides I went on, my three favorites are the Millenium Force, Maverick, and Gatekeeper. I didn't get to go on the Top Thrills Dragster because the line was always 2 hours long and none of my family wanted to go on with me, (I don't really enjoy rides as much when being on them myself) so I wasn't really able to compare it to the Kingda Ka which will remain as my favorite. The Millenium Force has great drops, smooth, fast turns, and high thrills. The Maverick has many fast twists and turns, turns you every which way, and shoots you through the whole thing. My favorite thing about the gatekeeper was that it goes through gates that are above the entrance to the park which is why, big surprise, it is called the gatekeeper. The worst coaster I went on was the Mean Streak because it hurt my ears, neck, head, and hands. My ears because of the loud screeching through the entire ride, my neck from the shaking, my head from the headache it gave me, and my hands because of the hard grip I had on the handle in front of me because of the rest of the pain. I also didn't get to go on Raptor or Blue Streak because of long lines and time restraints, though they didn't seem like much.Also, I refused to go on the Mantis because it is a stand up coaster and the first and last time I went on one of those was the Green Lantern at Six Flags GA that made my knee feel like it was going to explode. The rest of the coasters I went on were great.

     As I read this post over it seems a bit critical of Cedar Point and makes it seem like there isn't much good about it, but it really is a great park and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves amusement parks. I wasn't looking forward to the long car ride there and back, but I think it was well worth the ride.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


     Sometimes I think of my future self as someone who is actually going to do things he wants to do and do the things he says he'll do, then I come to realize that it's still me, just older.

     To Do List: (that won't be accomplished)
     1. Learn the programming languages I keep telling myself I'll learn
     2. Learn the languages I keep telling myself I'll learn
     3. Learn to play the instruments I keep telling myself I'll Learn
     4. Work out as much as I keep telling myself I'll do
     5. Get a job
     6. Record more Vish Plays
     7. Post more on blog (for whatever reason)

     Yeah, I don't have much faith in myself.

Friday, July 12, 2013

A bit of a rant

     I really don't have anywhere else to post this, I don't give a shit about what 99% of people have to say on Facebook and I doubt there's many people who give a shit about what I have to say on there either. I may post a link on there to let my real friends know about this but here seems to be the only place I can actually put my thoughts down and put them out there for the few people that for whatever reason check my blog, but anyway...

     I just watched a video from IGN *here* about how Microsoft is involved with the NSA. Apart from how I think It's awesome Jason Mewes did an IGN video, and I thought he was hilarious, I'm not going to talk about the video so go watch it yourself. What I want to rant about is how everyone is giving Microsoft so much shit about helping the NSA with their surveillance. I do think Microsoft should be given the shit they're getting, I don't think Microsoft should be the only ones. Do you really think that Nintendo, Sony, Apple, Google, *insert big tech company here* aren't gathering as much information about you as possible and giving it to the government? There are laws that say they have to give certain information and I'm sure the companies would be more than happy to play hard to get until the government gives them some kind of monetary incentive for extra info. If you think they wouldn't than you are sadly mistaken. I hope I don't have to tell you that all they care about is money.

     I'm not going to claim to know anything about the NSA's dealings or plans, and I really haven't been keeping up with the whole controversy, but you can be sure it's not a recent thing. It's just another information gathering scheme. A lot of the blame is on Obama but I doubt it all started with him. People can bitch and moan about the government's surveillance but the government is always going to try to have as much power and information over it's people as they can because as we all have heard at least once, power corrupts and once you have it you'll want more and never give it up. This "great" country really hasn't been keeping up with the freedom theme as of late. A bit of a pessimistic view of things, I know, but sadly it's true save some special cases. Not really supposed to be part of my rant but threw it in there anyway.

     Another thing on my mind: All these companies talk about is how they are trying to give the consumers what they want and how their focus is the consumers. NO SHIT! The consumers are the ones giving them the money. You wouldn't expect them to go against the consumers, because then they don't make any money. They'll even change the word from consumer to something like "fan" to make it seem more personal but they don't look at you as fans, just consumers that will throw money at them for the next big thing. Sure we've all done it, and we will continue to.

     One last part of my rant. Everyone hated Microsoft for their policies after E3 and gave them more shit than I've ever seen a gaming company get. Then they decided it would hurt them more than help so they reversed their policies to be more in line with Sony's (which some were changed at the last minute after seeing reactions to Microsoft's conferences) which everyone seemed to love. It took no time for people to give Microsoft yet even more shit for changing their minds. Make up YOUR damn minds, people. I do have my suspicions of Sony fanboys campaigning as much as possible against Microsoft because they for some reason care what system people play.

     Give all the shit you want to Microsoft for their policies, their friendship with the NSA, or whatever it may be, just spread that shit around a bit more, I know you have plenty to spare.

Shit count: 9

Monday, June 24, 2013

World War Z

     Years ago I read the book World War Z by Max Brooks, and to this day it is one of my all time favorite books. When I heard that they were making a movie based on the book I got really excited. When I started hearing that it wasn't going to be exactly like the book, I got less excited. When I heard that it was going to be the story of one guy instead of many, I got even less excited. When I heard that the zombies were going to be completely different from the book's, I still got less excited. When I heard that Max Brooks wasn't allowed to help write the screenplay as part of the deal, I got pissed. The movie is completely different in almost every way except the name. If you have read World War Z, don't expect anything like it. The movie is basically just a zombie movie that took the name of a famous book. You really have to disregard the book when watching the movie. As an adaptation of it's namesake, the movie is terrible. As a zombie movie, it is great.

     The book is written as a series of interviews of people who lived through the zombie war as Max Brooks as the interviewer tries to write a history of the war. The movie follows one man as he tries to find a cure for the zombies. In the book the zombies are your typical slow moving zombies, in the movie they are zombies that run, dive, and climb to get to a meal. The book also had much more about the war against the zombies than the movie.

     Overall the movie was great, but there were a few things I had a problem with. They obviously tried hard to make the movie a PG-13 movie which hurt the movie badly because when you see a zombie movie, you're expecting gore and that's what you want. instead whenever a zombie is killed, it's either too dark to really see whats happening, it happens off screen, or the zombie just drops dead. Whenever there was a big group of zombies, they seemed to be made with bad CG because they seemed really fake. The only realistic looking ones were the ones that used actual actors.

The story was really good, I liked how it was like an actual world war against the zombies like it was in the books, it wasn't a group of people trying to survive like other zombie themed things are. The actors were great and I thought Brad Pitt especially did a great job as usual. I thought the ending was OK but felt like it was too easy of a solution and didn't make much sense to me.

     If you like zombie themed things, I highly recommend seeing it. I say again, if you read the book, don't expect any of that from the movie.

     As of typing this I found out that they are making a sequel which just feels like a terrible idea.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Microsoft actually changes it's mind!

     So the impossible has happened. Microsoft has actually backed down on it's online and used game policies. No longer will the Xbox One have to check in with the servers every 24 hours, and you can do whatever you want with your games whether it be sharing or selling. Unfortunately it will require you to insert your disc to play games and installs will be optional just like the Xbox 360. I'm not surprised that after so much backlash Microsoft changed their mind, but I'm also surprised that Microsoft changed their mind, if that makes any sense...

Saturday, June 15, 2013

E3 2013


 I thought it would be a good idea to wait for E3 to be over before writing my thoughts on it to wait until the developers have said what they want about their games and consoles. Now that it is over and it seems most, if not all, of the news is out, here's my thoughts.

     Microsoft has gotten so much bad press about their Xbox One's online and used game policies and IGN's reader polls alone have shown how gamers are pretty mad about the things they have heard. Many of the rumors that were started, and debunked, I believe were started by Sony fanboys because of how ridiculous they were and how there was nothing backing them up. The Xbox One has to check in with the servers every 24 hours in order for you to be able to play your games online. The reason behind that is they let you install your games onto your hard drive then never have to insert the disc into your system ever again. Because of the not having to check that you still have the disc in your possession by inserting the disc like with the 360, they have to check with the server if someone else has installed that exact disc onto their consoles so it can be uninstalled from yours. A thought that just came to my mind is what if you are someone lucky enough to have traded in your game, and your disc was never re-sold, I guess you could just keep playing the game without it ever being uninstalled. Many people are angry with Microsoft because there are people who's areas don't have very reliable internet, and military personnel who can't get internet where they are stationed. During Sony's press conference they were what I can only describe as being complete trolls by saying the opposite of everything that Microsoft is doing and even made a snarky little video on how easy it is for you to share your games with friends on the PS4. Many people ate that up and laughed at Microsoft's stupidity. There were even rumors about how if you installed a used game on the Xbox you had to pay an extra fee; that was later debunked. As it turns out, it is not up to Microsoft or Sony how easy it is to share your games with friends or anything like that, it is up to the publishers of the games, i.e. EA's online passes that they recently removed.

     I enjoyed what Microsoft had to present in their conference more, but I think Sony's conference was better put together and didn't seem as fake, though very boring. The EA conference however I thought was perfect except for how they didn't say anything in detail about their Star Wars game development. Some things I don't think people really have been talking about is the new 360 that was for sale the moment they revealed it, and how it seems that the PS4 cannot play either AC: Black Flag or Destiny without lagging. I'm sure it won't be that way at release but it's just something I thought was funny. I didn't watch either the Nintendo nor Ubisoft conferences but did hear about what they revealed. One of the thing's I'm most excited about from Microsoft's conferences is how they are adding more and better servers worldwide for better online connectivity and their new cloud computing. The thing I'm most excited about from Sony's conferences is their huge streaming game library. I didn't really care about Nintendo's conference or the Wii U so there's nothing I'm really excited about. From EA I loved their gameplay reveal for Battlefield 4 that made me more excited for it's release. The Best reveal from Ubisoft was their game The Division which looks absolutely amazing and is overall my favorite reveal from E3 by far.

     I am looking forward to the Xbox One and it will be the first, maybe only, next gen system that I get. Now before you call me an Xbox fanboy, I'd like to say that I used to be, but no longer am I a stupid little 14 year old that for whatever reason thinks its so important whether other people think the Xbox is better than Playstation, and really if you do care about that stuff, it's time to grow up. I will be getting the Xbox One because I have had the Xbox 360 since launch and the PS3 since a year after it's launch and for the most part the PS3 has just sat there untouched other than playing Blu Rays, one or two PS3 exclusives, or if my PS3 playing friends came over with a PS3 game for us to play. I have also met a great group of guys on Xbox Live that I have been friends with for years now and we all get the same games so I'll always have someone to play with. The Xbox exclusives are also more of a draw for me than the Playstation's. Lastly I haven't really had any good experiences with PS3 online and I really don't expect any better with PS4. It just always seems that I have much better connectivity with Xbox Live than PS3's online. When it come's to Microsoft's new policies, I really don't care because they don't affect me so why should that stop me from getting an Xbox One. I really don't care that they're neglecting some customers with bad internet, but neglecting our armed forces abroad pisses me off. Some people have said they refuse to buy an Xbox One because of their policies, but do you really think that's going to stop Microsoft? Cliff Bleszinski came out in support of Microsoft's policies and I agree with everything he said.

     In recent years I have become more of a PC gamer than I ever have been and I do believe that PC gaming is superior to console gaming, so unless it's an Xbox or PS4 exclusive, something I can play with friends, or something I can't buy on the Steam Store, I'll be getting my games for the PC.

     Buy an Xbox One, buy a PS4, I don't care, just enjoy the next generation of gaming. I know I will.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Star Trek: Into Darkness

     First I'm going to mention how I have never watched anything relating to Star Trek apart from bits and pieces of episodes, but I do know the basic premise of Star Trek and many things that have happened in the shows and movies. I am not a fan of Star Trek at all and really could not care about it at all. I did not want to see this movie, and only saw it because my friends were all going. I don't know if that all had an impact on this review, but I would not be surprised if it is.

     Overall I thought this movie was OK. I thought the story was boring, obvious, and predictable. There was absolutely no suspense and unless you have never heard of Star Trek before seeing the movie, there are absolutely no surprises. The only thing I thought was good about the movie was the acting, special effects, and Simon Pegg. Every scene involving Simon Pegg, I loved, everything else, was boring. The one thing I absolutely hated was the terrible shooting of the movie. The constant movement of the camera, switching back and forth from things for no reason, and the lens flares were beyond annoying. I much rather would have not seen the movie at all.

     Unless you are a fan of Star Trek I would not suggest seeing this movie.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Vish Plays Psychonauts

Due to problems I have been having once again trying to record the rest of the Star Wars Battlefront episodes I have started on recording Psychonauts since I have it for the PC and it will be easier to record. I have already uploaded episode one and will upload episode two whenever I have a quiet enough house to add any commentary I want to add.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bioshock: Infinite

I'm not really going to go into detail on why I love this game so much because what I would say had been said by pretty much every other game reviewer. I also haven't played it since I beat it the day after it's release  and that was a while ago so I don't really feel the need to go into detail. I will say though that Bioshock: Infinite had the greatest story I have experienced from a videogame in a long time and I don't think I have felt for the characters so much as I did with this game.

There are a lot of explanations out there about the ending so if you're confused the ending or even if you're not  I suggest reading THIS. I feel that it is the best explanation and I agree with it most.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Iron Man 3

     I am going to waste no time in saying that I loved this movie. Everything about the movie was great, the story, the action, the humor, the CG, everything was perfect. I cannot think of one thing I did not like about the movie or anything I would want to add.

     The movie starts off with a flashback to 1999 when Tony Stark is still a party animal that doesn't really care for much other than himself. The events of the flashback stick with the theme that many super heroes have had to deal with, an enemy that they themselves have created. Back to present day and Tony Stark is constantly working on new iterations of his Iron Man suit when a mysterious terrorist leader known only as the Mandarin hijacks all TV feeds across the country, sending a warning to the United States. Tony doesn't want to get involved and lets the US Military deal with it, but is forced to take action when something happens to his oldest friend. Now Tony has taken up the cause to stop the Mandarin's plans, whatever they are.

     That is all I knew about the story going into the movie and that was enough to make me want to see it as soon as possible. I am not one to see movies right when they come out, but I am a big fan of the Marvel movies, especially Iron Man. When the ads started for the movie, I couldn't wait and saw the movie on opening weekend, and I am so happy I didn't wait.

     The action sequences were amazing and better than any of the other Iron Man movies have had. There was the perfect amount of action and downtime throughout the movie. The ending fight sequence of the movie was my favorite of all. Thrown into the movie was a lot of humor that added so much to the movie and didn't take anything away. Nothing seemed out of place like humor does in a lot of action movies, but it is also what you would expect from an Iron Man movie. The last bit that made the movie is of course the CG. there was so much in it and it all seemed so real. Many times you really can't tell what is CG and what isn't other than the normal things such as there being no way they could make a real suit fight and fly.

     If you were one of the few people that haven't seen the movie, I very highly recommend it no matter who you, are unless you hate watching great movies.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Summer Break

Well I'm done for the summer so I plan on starting to post again and continue with Vish Plays. Let's see how long I stay with it this time, haha.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Little Inferno

     Little Inferno is a puzzle/sandbox game by an independant game developer named Tomorrow Corporation. The entire point of the game is to just burn stuff in a fireplace, get money for it, buy more stuff, burn it, and get more money than what you paid for it. I saw it on the Steam holiday sale and didn't think much of it but after watching a video on it it actually seemed pretty fun so I bought it. It doesn't look like much of a game, mostly because it isn't, but the game actually is fun and funny. The way that certain things burn up, freeze, or even explode can be pretty hilarious. There are also 99 different combinations of things to burn that will unlock for you and the only thing to go by is their name and maybe some hints in the description of the items. I am only half way done the combos so I don't know what happens when you get them all but I also don't want to look it up and spoil any surprise that may happen.
     There is also a slight story to the game but I really won't go into much detail because I'm really not sure what would constitute a spoiler for this game.
     The art of the game is absolutely amazing. Everything seems so cute and nice as you burn it to ashes. The darkness to everything but the fireplace seems to add a bit of a mystery especially with the letters you get as you progress.
     If you are a fan of indie games and love games that have humor in it than I highly recommend this game to you.