Wednesday, August 29, 2012


So in the constant search for making money, I came across a website called Postloop. What it is is getting points for posting on forums on the Postloop forum list and then turning those points into money. The better your poster rating, the more points you get per post. Because of my rating I get about 2 points per post. Every 100 points and up you can redeem the points for a conversion of five cents per point. So for me, since I am a good poster and don't make pointless posts and stick to topic, I get 10 cents per post. Each forum has a limit to ow many posts you can make per day so it took me about 2 days to make $10 which really isn't that bad for using my spare time to post on forums while listening to music. The more forums you subscribe to, the more posts you can make a day, the more points you can get per day, the more money you make a day. It takes me about an hour to hit my daily limit but I could probably do it in less time if I don't randomly surf the web in between posts.

If you do end up using Postloop, my advice to you is to make all your posts at least a tiny bit interesting, make them 3+ sentences and spell everything correctly and use correct grammar. It's as simple as that to get a good rating and make more money per post.

After signing up, go to the forums link on the top of the page, there should be a yellow box at the top of the page, just follow the instructions there to get started posting.

As a thanks for telling you about the site please sign up after using my LINK.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Campaign

I honestly was not expecting much from this movie which really helped with the fact that I was not let down. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie and thought it was pretty funny but I didn't think it was as funny as a Ferrell/Galifianakis should be. These are two hysterical guys and you'd expect them to create an absolutely hilarious movie together but instead all you get is a movie that is just pretty funny. The movie did have it's moments of hilarity but most of the movie was giggles and chuckles. The movie never really surprised me and not even half way though the movie I knew exactly how it would turn out. Of course for the most part the story isn't a big part in a comedy for people but it really annoyed me of how bland it was. I a really happy that I saw the movie during half ticket price times because I would be even more disappointed if I payed full price. If you are someone who loves Will Ferrel and/or Zach Galifianakis I reccomend you see the movie, just don't expect very much from it.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

I figured I'd talk about my now favorite amusement park. I went with my family to Williamsburg, Virginia to go there and to Water Country USA last week and I had no clue what to expect. We drove in a half hour after the park opened and there was no line for parking until we got to the actual lot. There also weren't as many people as i thought would be there. I don't know it it was popularity of the park or just that we got really lucky and avoided a huge crowd. When walking into the entrance of the park, it doesn't even look like you are walking into one as you want down a path surrounded by trees. After going into the ticket check area you walk into their England area. The park is Europe themed so each area is named after a European country other than the area Oktoberfest. The areas are England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, and Oktoberfest. There is also a zoo like area Their biggest attractions are there five coasters. The Loch Ness Monster in Scotland, Griffon in France, Alpengeist in Germany, Verbolten in Oktoberfest, and Apollo's Chariot in Italy. Their boast of being the most beautiful amusement park rings true as you walk down paths surrounded by trees, bushes, and flowers. The buildings of each area also pays homage to the country the area is named after.

Our day started with riding The Loch Ness Monster. It was my brother's first roller coaster and was really exciting with its drops and flips. Next we rode Verbolten which was a huge surprise because of the fact it is inside a building and very dark. I won't ruin the ride for any who may ride Verbolten but it will surprise the hell out of you. After doing various things around the park including watching a few animal shows, and some small rides, we rode Alpengeist. Alpengeist I didn't like very much, although it was fun, the corkscrews in the ride shoved me into the side of the seat and made me feel just not right for the next few minutes after getting off. Again after doing various small things including eating the best chicken tenders I've ever had while at Grugan's in Ireland, we went on Apollo's Chariot, Busch Garden's tallest roller coaster. Apollo's Chariot is one of the best coasters I've ever been on which really isn't saying much since I really haven't been on many but it was still really fun. Apollo's Chariot has a maximum height of 170 ft, max drop of 210 ft, and a max speed of 73 mph. It's drops and turns made it even more exciting. The last coaster we went on was Griffon. I thought this was the coolest coaster they have because of it's openness. Your feet hang and there  is nothing above or in front of you which gives you a floating feeling. As it gets to it's highest of 205 ft it hangs you off the edge facing down for a few seconds before droppings you straight down that 205 ft at 71 mph. It goes under a bridge full of people watching the ride before shooting you back into the air, around, and into more turns and drops.

Our day ended with Busch Garden's "Illuminights" event which involves Fireworks before they close the park.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Combat Arms

I was looking around the steam store when I discovered that there was a free to play section. I looked at the most popular ones and saw Combat Arms. After reading the description I thought it sounded pretty good and downloaded it. I played about 10 matches and one word described the game. Crap. Every single match I joined was absolutely nothing but spawn camping, grenade tossing, and bullet spraying. It is just another one of those free to play games that the only way to win is to shell out a lot of money for weapons and armor. Even after doing that you'll probably get killed the second your 3 second spawn shield ends. Even with that spawn shield the first second is figuring out where you are, the next second is figuring out where you are going, and the last second is taking a step then dying. If you are lucky enough to get out of your spawn you will most likely get killed by a grenade or a bullet being sprayed from across the map. It is needless to say that I shall not continue playing this horrible game and I am very happy that I did not spend any money to play it.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Back from outer space

Well once again it has been a while since the last time I have posted something. As an update on the goings on in my life, there really isn't much other than the fact that I went to Busch Gardens and Water Country USA in Virginia for a few days. I also tried a bit more with Bitcoin mining after I found out how to mine with both of my graphics cards at once. Only lasted a couple of days because I realized I have no clue how much money in power I am spending for the money I could be making in Bitcoin mining. I really didn't last very long with learning Russian when I realized I only had the first out of three sets of lessons, each set costing a lot more than I am willing to spend to learn a language I will hardly use. I am still having problems with my YouTube channel because I have yet to have any update on my dispute for the copyright claims on one of my videos. I'm still waiting for that to clear up so I am not having big holes in game playthroughs. My friend that got me into Magic: The Gathering decided to get out of it and gave me his card collection which is about 800 dollars in cards. I have also been watching a lot of the Olympics which is weird because before this year I have never watched the Olympics. I also may be finally getting a job. Hopefully I will get back into posting more like I have said many times I would do.