Monday, July 16, 2012

Vish Plays problems

Last night I uploaded 4 videos for Star Wars: Battlefront and ended up running into copyright problems. According to the bit of research I did on having a lets play channel, I was lead to believe that if I make it completely clear that I take no credit for any audio or video from the game I would be fine. I made it my own rule for every video I upload, to include in the description that the creators of the games have all ownership of the video and audio I use other than my commentary. Even with the precautions I took, my account is currently having problems with copyright and one of my videos is blocked worldwide, another deleted entirely, and until the copyright problems are solved, I can no longer upload any videos over 15 minutes. Until I do a little more research on what I must do to keep my channel and until my account issues have been solved I will not upload any more videos. Hopefully it won't last very long.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vish Plays

And here it is, my new venture. A lets play youtube channel called Vish Plays. I will be starting out playing old games from the PS2 and Xbox and will move on to newer or even older things when I start to run out of games to play or just simply get bored of those. The fist two games I started out with are Dark Cloud and S.L.A.I. So far I have 2 videos for Dark Cloud and 3 videos for S.L.A.I. as of writing this. I have been having problems with the commentary but once I get all of the problems fixed I will have commentary during every video. I really hope you guys enjoy my videos and if you have any suggestions for games to play than please don't hesitate to suggest things on either here or on one of my videos' comments.

You can find my channel HERE!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Star Wars: Darth Bane Trilogy

I am having a little bit of trouble with my aforementioned venture so instead of waiting for it to post something, I'll post about a trilogy of books I recently finished.

The Darth Bane trilogy was written by my favorite author, Drew Karpyshyn. The books follow the story of a miner on a mining planets names Apatros who rises to power to be the most powerful Sith Lord. I won't say much more about it because it would be just like the backs of books that I hate to read since I think they usually give away too much. As usual with Drew Karpyshyn's books, I was instantly pulled in and stayed pulled in until I finished the last book. The Story of Darth Bane is my favorite Star Wars story line other than the movies. It is the only time I have ever found myself rooting for the Sith, Even when it is Jedi vs Sith. The ending of the trilogy was the greatest ending to any book or series I have ever read and was so excited when it happened. I never thought I would get into reading Star Wars books because there are just so many of them and I thought they wouldn't be that great. I did however read the Old Republic books since I love the games that have to do with that era in Star Wars and I figured it would have to do with the MMO. Seeing that Darth Bane takes place in the Old Republic era I read them and now I want to read into all of the other eras. Even if you're a book reader and have had any second thoughts about reading Star Wars books for any reason, I highly recommend you read these.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Future Endevour

Well after almost a week, superpoints finally gave me the 10 bucks for the points I accumulated and redeemed. That 10 dollars went toward buying something that will help me with something I am going to be working on. I wanted to do something for a while and my friend gave me an idea that I was able to pair with that that could possibly make me money. Even if I make nothing from it, I won't care much since it's something I'm going to really enjoy. Keep checking because within the week I'll reveal what it is. I just hope people will like it. If you want to join superpoints and get some money to help you out than go to this LINK.

You can find my friend's blog that he just made HERE. It's really good and you should check it out.