Thursday, June 28, 2012

SWGEmu: Star Wars Galaxies Emulator

For a couple of years now (I think), the people over at swgemu.com have been working tirelessly to bring back star wars galaxies to it's former glory, to how it was when it was first released, Pre-CU (Combat Upgrade). For clarification, I am talking about SOE's Star Wars Galaxies that came out in 2003, not Bioware's  Star Wars: The Old Republic that came out in 2011.  (which I love, by the way.)

As a background to show how much this means to me I'll start with this. When I was young, star wars galaxies was my favorite game of all time. It showed me a whole new type of game where I could roam the galaxy I loved from watching the movies, and be whatever I wanted to be. I started the game when they released the Star Wars Galaxies: the Total Experience pack in 2005. It was the most fun game I have ever played and I still to this day believe it was better than World of Warcraft is now. I had so much fun exploring planets and space, being a Teras Kasi Master and Creature Handler Master, roaming the galaxy with my Krayt Dragon pet named Monster, and having fun at the parties my guild had in our player made town. I was even starting along the long journey to becoming a jedi. Then Sony Online Entertainment came out with the dreaded NGE (New Game "Enhancements") It made the game many times less fun, less challenging, and extremely boring. So many people ended up leaving the game because of it that SOE gave people a refund on the just released new expansion. The NGE destroyed my guild and my fun. No more was I a Teras Kasi Master and a Creature Handler Master, so I had to choose from SOE's new generic boring classes so taking the obvious young teen choice, I became a jedi. But not the great and powerful jedi that took a long time to become,  like before NGE, instead I became a jedi that anyone could start out as. A jedi that could be killed by any lowly character with a dis-functional blaster or a semi-sharp vibroblade. I was always wanting instead of being pleasantly surprised at the new things I discovered in game. I tried to stick it out for a while, but couldn't stand it anymore, so a month or so later I of course left the game and never went back. To this day I feel a sort of sadness at the enjoyment that was lost, and a sort of joy at the great memories I had with the friends I made. I know it probably sounds strange, but playing SWG was one of the biggest moments in my childhood because of the joy it brought me.

One day a couple of years ago, I was reminiscing about SWG with one of my WoW guild mates and it made me want to see what was going on in the game at that time. A bit of random internet surfing brought me to swgemu.com. After finding my old install discs, I downloaded and installed their software and got into their servers. I was instantly blasted with the feeling of nostalgia and had the biggest smile on my face. The game played just like it did when i played it back in 2005. Of course it isn't exact since they were, and still are developing the game to be exactly how it was and to get everything perfect, so I have been following what has been going on in their work. I wish the best of luck to SWGEmu's developers and thank them a million times for their hard work.

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