Thursday, May 17, 2012

Diablo 3

Once again all of the great things i said about the beta of course still apply to the full game. I did have many problems getting it to work though. I started installing the game at 9pm and not until 2am was i able to finally get the game to work. Many people were having problems with a battle.net .exe called Agent and the only "fix" that worked for me was that someone posted their working battle.net folder for people to use so after using that i was finally able to get the game to work. There are still many other problems that people are having, the biggest being that if you give your Templar companion a shield it will disconnect you and lock your account out of Diablo 3. how something like that could happen is way beyond me, i have never heard of such a glitch before.

As I said in the beta's review, I love to explore every nook and cranny in the game to find anything at all, destroying every tree stump and barrel hoping to find gold and trying to find every enemy in an area to kill. Of course there really wasn't much of a reason to do it in the beta but now it actually will help my character.

Just as in the beta, I have been playing as the monk and loving it. I of course really can't say much comparing it to the other classes since I haven't played them, but if the other classes are as fun to play as as the monk is then no class could disappoint.

Even if you haven't played the previous Diablo games like me, I highly recommend getting this game. Blizzard once again brings us a great game that fails to disappoint and gives me another reason to have them as my favorite game developer.

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  1. i'm about ready to go and buy the game. I was going to wait a few weeks for all the server kinks to get worked out, but I don't think I can wait any more