Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Magic: The Gathering

      For the past two weeks I have started to really get into playing Magic. I have been having so much fun with it and I am so happy that i meat my new friends that play it with me. I have always wanted to get into playing, but never bothered to buy any cards because i never had anyone to play with. Now thanks to my friend who introduced me to his group of friends, I have really cool people to play with.

      I have loved trading card games since I was young, going through the Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh fazes when they were at the height of their popularity (when they started). I also currently collect World of Warcraft cards, but I just collect them because I love everything WoW and love the cards' art, and of course for the off chance of getting and selling loot cards to buy more cards. Hopefully I'll end up meeting people that play WoW TCG then I'd definitely get into playing that too.

      I've only played a couple days, mostly today (for most of the day) and I absolutely love it. The wide range of cards lets you have many different strategies and deck types for taking down your opponents. There are even different game types for added challenges and fun. The satisfaction of taking down your opponent after a long drawn out match is second only to getting very lucky and pulling off a perfect sequence of cards that ends the match early. The game is really easy to learn and everything that your cards do is spelled out to the detail on the card itself. With some cards the description can, however, be a little confusing but simply looking up the card on the internet or asking a Magic veteran will clear it up.

      I love Magic: The Gathering, and I am certain I will continue to play it for years to come.


  1. I once have that cards. But I throwed it away ;)

  2. i used to love magic. My old school had a weekly club where we'd get together and play... booster drafts, standard tournaments. good times

  3. i used to play it when i was younger...i loved it and i will probably start to play again hehe

  4. Trading cards used to be the shiz big fan of the pokemon cards until they came out with aload of crap designs, also big fan of yu-gi-oh shame I did not collect Magic: The Gathering though

  5. It's too bad, that I don't have friends, that would like to play this... well I always played it with my brother :)

  6. I was skeptical when I first started playing MtG, but it really does get addicting! I stick with my one terrible Ancient Depths deck though, it can get so pricey when you want to build a custom deck.