Monday, April 23, 2012

Diablo III Beta

This passing weekend, Blizzard had the open beta for Diablo III. It let you play as any of the classes until about level 10 when you kill the main boss of what I am guessing is the starting quest line.

The Graphics were great and added to the dark and evil feel of things going on in the game, though I had to turn them down because the beta was very laggy for me.

 I only played as the Monk and already found the class I want to use in the full game. The Monk uses a combination of martial arts and holy powers to take down his/her enemies. The abilities of the Monk were really fun and easy to get a handle on, probably because you can get by by just constantly clicking the left mouse button for single enemies then click the right mouse button when surrounded by enemies for an area attack. I'm certain that it would get a lot more complicated as you play the game since I of course only played the beta.

The areas and dungeons are so fun to explore and as I was getting closer to the end I had to constantly stop myself from exploring so much since the end of the beta would reset everything no matter what I found. An added awesomeness is that for every character you have, the dungeons are randomly generated so you never have any two playthoughs exactly the same.

Another thing I got a great look at is the endless amounts of glorious loot that you can get by killing enemies. In the full game they will have an "auction house" for buying and selling equipment, items, and characters for either real or in-game money.

There is also people you can recruit to help you in either battle or crafting. You can equip, level up, and assign skills to your battle companions and level up your crafting companions to make you new armor and weapons.

The last thing I'll touch on is the story. From just the small sampling of story that I got from the beta, I can tell that the story will be epic. If you have ever seen the cinematic trailer then that is the exact point where your character comes in. He/She comes to town looking for a fallen star that landed in the chapel, and adventure ensues.

I didn't really care that much about the game before i played the beta, but now I cannot wait.


  1. I tried to get in and couldn't play for longer than a couple of minutes before the server crashed indefinitely. I can only imagine their bandwidth strain.

    1. Diablo III is in fact test of Blizzard's servers - check that can withstand the traffic.

  2. I heard the beta wasn't that great. Too hyped.