Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Hobbit

     The Hobbit is the latest Lord of the Rings movie that takes place before the first three. It is the story of Bilbo Baggins, Frodo's uncle, and the unexpected journey that he took in his younger days. A couple of years ago I read the book and loved it and am very happy that the movie stays true to the book. They also have added parts to the movie from other books to help tell the story for those not familiar with the other goings on in middle earth. The story is absolutely amazing and never bored me, though for those not very into things such as Lord of the Rings it could get a bit boring. They added a lot of humor to the story that helps with the enjoyment of the movie but to me seemed out of place at times mostly because you don't really think humor when you think of The Lord of the Rings. During test screening, the had the movie run at higher frames per second than is usual for a movie (48fps instead of 24fps) to make it more realistic but many people thought it made it seem less realistic such as seeing how fake the beards and makeup were and making the CG look too cartoonish. I thought it looked great and I was never taken out of the experience for such things. If anything I thought everything looked way more realistic as intended. As I watched the movie I wondered why everything looks so great until I remembered reading that story. I hope that they will continue with that technology in the future and adapt it for more movies and even up the fps more. They plan on making 2 more movies for Bilbo's adventure and I cannot wait to see them.

     If you are a fan of the Lord of the Rings movies or even never saw them but enjoy adventure movies I highly recommend seeing it unless you don't like sitting and watching a movie for almost 3 hours, then maybe wait for it to come out on blu-ray and dvd and take it in parts. Personally I never had any problem with the length and instead thought it helped the movie. If you have never seen or read a Lord of the Rings story then this would be a great place to start.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Halo 4

     When I first heard that 343 Industries was making this game I was extremely skeptical and decided to see as little as possible about the game so that I would not get excited for it. I am really happy that I did that because the let down wasn't as big. Don't get me wrong, As a gamer I think it is a great game, as a huge Halo fan, I weep. When I play Halo 4 I don't have that good feeling of playing a Halo game like I did with every other game. (Even a bit with ODST)

     I am really happy that they are continuing the story of Master Chief, I just wish they did a better job of it. The story of the game feels just as rushed and immemorable as some of the recent books. After beating it the first time through I only remember the key parts instead of like past Halo games where I remembered every detail that happened because Bungie made it matter. The entire short campaign I just felt like I was moving toward the end of the game instead of moving through a story and experiencing everything that happens to the Master Chief. The last problem I had with the story was that it seemed like it made way too many references to the books and made it seem like the person experiencing the story should know what they are referencing which would make it extremely confusing to people who have only played the games.

     When it comes to the gameplay itself I have absolutely no problems with it. I didn't run into any glitches and everything went smoothly and played just as perfectly as the past games.

     In Halo 4 they introduced the Spartan ops which is basically dumbed down version of Call of Duty's Spec Ops but with story thrown in. I call it dumbed down because you basically do nothing but kill an endless swarm of enemies as you move through the same levels over and over and over and... ok you get the idea. Hey at least they break the monotony every now and then by having you hit a button! Oh, wait, they only put that button there to make you run into more enemies. They split up the Spartan ops 5 levels per episode and each episode coming out every Monday. The first few levels I played them on normal difficulty and decided I'll just do every one on Legendary. I didn't play the campaign on legendary yet so I don't know if the same thing applies but it seems that the only way 343 knows how to make the spartan ops more difficult is to send more enemies at you and if they are covenant, give just about all of them fuel rod cannons. Just before writing this I finished Episode 5 and I was happy to see fewer fuel rod cannons this time around. I just wish they made it more creative. I basically only play it for the last bit of story I can get out of the game.

     The multiplayer is so obviously the highlight of the game that its saddening. Of course they are going to put a lot of work into the multiplayer, but I think they put way too much work into it and neglected the other aspects of the game. I love every map and every gametype, I just wish there were more game types and variants for each map like there was in Halo 3 and Reach. They have been adding more game types every week (1) but the fact that they keep mentioning the fact that Team SWAT is still there worries me that they will be removing it. I like the loadout creation that they made and have yet to have a problem with it. I also like that they kept the challenges. I just feel that they catered too much to Call of Duty fans and a bit to Battlefield fans to bring them in instead of catering to the huge amount of fans they already have. With how far each franchise has been going I highly doubt that a few changes are going to make an exclusively CoD playing gamer come to Halo. Everyone is still going to stick to the franchises that they love until mistakes are made by the developers.

     If you have played the past Halo games and liked them then I recommend you get it, just don't be expecting much from the campaign. If you have never played a Halo game I still recommend it to you, just don't feel bad if the story confuses you completely.

     After beating Halo 4 on Legendary I'll write a second impression on the campaign.

Heads Up!

Well the problems with my account seem to be fixed now so I will be coming back and posting new stuff. Yes I know everyone missed me so much so watch out for new posts. When I actually feel like getting back into it (probably by the end of today) I'll post about the games, movies, and shows I've been playing/watching during my hiatus from blogging. I'll also be making new Vish Plays videos when I finally get the last thing I need for it to be perfect (for me) or maybe even before that so look out for those as well. I really stopped doing the videos mostly because of computer problems that kept cutting the recorded video short and the rest because of the fact it kinda became more work and less playing so I guess I'll have to come at it from a different way. I hope everyone enjoys the continuation of Vish's Thoughts and Vish Plays.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

No Posts

Thought I'd post that I have not and will not be posting for a while because I have been constantly having problems with my Google account. I hope to be back soon so please keep checking back every now and then.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


So after 7 months of having this blog, I finally broke 1000 views. I could have gotten it a long time ago if I wasn't so lazy and posted more. Well anyway thanks to anyone that has ever been on my blog, especially return visitors. Keep coming back because hopefully I'll finally start posting more

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


So in the constant search for making money, I came across a website called Postloop. What it is is getting points for posting on forums on the Postloop forum list and then turning those points into money. The better your poster rating, the more points you get per post. Because of my rating I get about 2 points per post. Every 100 points and up you can redeem the points for a conversion of five cents per point. So for me, since I am a good poster and don't make pointless posts and stick to topic, I get 10 cents per post. Each forum has a limit to ow many posts you can make per day so it took me about 2 days to make $10 which really isn't that bad for using my spare time to post on forums while listening to music. The more forums you subscribe to, the more posts you can make a day, the more points you can get per day, the more money you make a day. It takes me about an hour to hit my daily limit but I could probably do it in less time if I don't randomly surf the web in between posts.

If you do end up using Postloop, my advice to you is to make all your posts at least a tiny bit interesting, make them 3+ sentences and spell everything correctly and use correct grammar. It's as simple as that to get a good rating and make more money per post.

After signing up, go to the forums link on the top of the page, there should be a yellow box at the top of the page, just follow the instructions there to get started posting.

As a thanks for telling you about the site please sign up after using my LINK.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Campaign

I honestly was not expecting much from this movie which really helped with the fact that I was not let down. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie and thought it was pretty funny but I didn't think it was as funny as a Ferrell/Galifianakis should be. These are two hysterical guys and you'd expect them to create an absolutely hilarious movie together but instead all you get is a movie that is just pretty funny. The movie did have it's moments of hilarity but most of the movie was giggles and chuckles. The movie never really surprised me and not even half way though the movie I knew exactly how it would turn out. Of course for the most part the story isn't a big part in a comedy for people but it really annoyed me of how bland it was. I a really happy that I saw the movie during half ticket price times because I would be even more disappointed if I payed full price. If you are someone who loves Will Ferrel and/or Zach Galifianakis I reccomend you see the movie, just don't expect very much from it.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

I figured I'd talk about my now favorite amusement park. I went with my family to Williamsburg, Virginia to go there and to Water Country USA last week and I had no clue what to expect. We drove in a half hour after the park opened and there was no line for parking until we got to the actual lot. There also weren't as many people as i thought would be there. I don't know it it was popularity of the park or just that we got really lucky and avoided a huge crowd. When walking into the entrance of the park, it doesn't even look like you are walking into one as you want down a path surrounded by trees. After going into the ticket check area you walk into their England area. The park is Europe themed so each area is named after a European country other than the area Oktoberfest. The areas are England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, and Oktoberfest. There is also a zoo like area Their biggest attractions are there five coasters. The Loch Ness Monster in Scotland, Griffon in France, Alpengeist in Germany, Verbolten in Oktoberfest, and Apollo's Chariot in Italy. Their boast of being the most beautiful amusement park rings true as you walk down paths surrounded by trees, bushes, and flowers. The buildings of each area also pays homage to the country the area is named after.

Our day started with riding The Loch Ness Monster. It was my brother's first roller coaster and was really exciting with its drops and flips. Next we rode Verbolten which was a huge surprise because of the fact it is inside a building and very dark. I won't ruin the ride for any who may ride Verbolten but it will surprise the hell out of you. After doing various things around the park including watching a few animal shows, and some small rides, we rode Alpengeist. Alpengeist I didn't like very much, although it was fun, the corkscrews in the ride shoved me into the side of the seat and made me feel just not right for the next few minutes after getting off. Again after doing various small things including eating the best chicken tenders I've ever had while at Grugan's in Ireland, we went on Apollo's Chariot, Busch Garden's tallest roller coaster. Apollo's Chariot is one of the best coasters I've ever been on which really isn't saying much since I really haven't been on many but it was still really fun. Apollo's Chariot has a maximum height of 170 ft, max drop of 210 ft, and a max speed of 73 mph. It's drops and turns made it even more exciting. The last coaster we went on was Griffon. I thought this was the coolest coaster they have because of it's openness. Your feet hang and there  is nothing above or in front of you which gives you a floating feeling. As it gets to it's highest of 205 ft it hangs you off the edge facing down for a few seconds before droppings you straight down that 205 ft at 71 mph. It goes under a bridge full of people watching the ride before shooting you back into the air, around, and into more turns and drops.

Our day ended with Busch Garden's "Illuminights" event which involves Fireworks before they close the park.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Combat Arms

I was looking around the steam store when I discovered that there was a free to play section. I looked at the most popular ones and saw Combat Arms. After reading the description I thought it sounded pretty good and downloaded it. I played about 10 matches and one word described the game. Crap. Every single match I joined was absolutely nothing but spawn camping, grenade tossing, and bullet spraying. It is just another one of those free to play games that the only way to win is to shell out a lot of money for weapons and armor. Even after doing that you'll probably get killed the second your 3 second spawn shield ends. Even with that spawn shield the first second is figuring out where you are, the next second is figuring out where you are going, and the last second is taking a step then dying. If you are lucky enough to get out of your spawn you will most likely get killed by a grenade or a bullet being sprayed from across the map. It is needless to say that I shall not continue playing this horrible game and I am very happy that I did not spend any money to play it.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Back from outer space

Well once again it has been a while since the last time I have posted something. As an update on the goings on in my life, there really isn't much other than the fact that I went to Busch Gardens and Water Country USA in Virginia for a few days. I also tried a bit more with Bitcoin mining after I found out how to mine with both of my graphics cards at once. Only lasted a couple of days because I realized I have no clue how much money in power I am spending for the money I could be making in Bitcoin mining. I really didn't last very long with learning Russian when I realized I only had the first out of three sets of lessons, each set costing a lot more than I am willing to spend to learn a language I will hardly use. I am still having problems with my YouTube channel because I have yet to have any update on my dispute for the copyright claims on one of my videos. I'm still waiting for that to clear up so I am not having big holes in game playthroughs. My friend that got me into Magic: The Gathering decided to get out of it and gave me his card collection which is about 800 dollars in cards. I have also been watching a lot of the Olympics which is weird because before this year I have never watched the Olympics. I also may be finally getting a job. Hopefully I will get back into posting more like I have said many times I would do.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Vish Plays problems

Last night I uploaded 4 videos for Star Wars: Battlefront and ended up running into copyright problems. According to the bit of research I did on having a lets play channel, I was lead to believe that if I make it completely clear that I take no credit for any audio or video from the game I would be fine. I made it my own rule for every video I upload, to include in the description that the creators of the games have all ownership of the video and audio I use other than my commentary. Even with the precautions I took, my account is currently having problems with copyright and one of my videos is blocked worldwide, another deleted entirely, and until the copyright problems are solved, I can no longer upload any videos over 15 minutes. Until I do a little more research on what I must do to keep my channel and until my account issues have been solved I will not upload any more videos. Hopefully it won't last very long.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vish Plays

And here it is, my new venture. A lets play youtube channel called Vish Plays. I will be starting out playing old games from the PS2 and Xbox and will move on to newer or even older things when I start to run out of games to play or just simply get bored of those. The fist two games I started out with are Dark Cloud and S.L.A.I. So far I have 2 videos for Dark Cloud and 3 videos for S.L.A.I. as of writing this. I have been having problems with the commentary but once I get all of the problems fixed I will have commentary during every video. I really hope you guys enjoy my videos and if you have any suggestions for games to play than please don't hesitate to suggest things on either here or on one of my videos' comments.

You can find my channel HERE!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Star Wars: Darth Bane Trilogy

I am having a little bit of trouble with my aforementioned venture so instead of waiting for it to post something, I'll post about a trilogy of books I recently finished.

The Darth Bane trilogy was written by my favorite author, Drew Karpyshyn. The books follow the story of a miner on a mining planets names Apatros who rises to power to be the most powerful Sith Lord. I won't say much more about it because it would be just like the backs of books that I hate to read since I think they usually give away too much. As usual with Drew Karpyshyn's books, I was instantly pulled in and stayed pulled in until I finished the last book. The Story of Darth Bane is my favorite Star Wars story line other than the movies. It is the only time I have ever found myself rooting for the Sith, Even when it is Jedi vs Sith. The ending of the trilogy was the greatest ending to any book or series I have ever read and was so excited when it happened. I never thought I would get into reading Star Wars books because there are just so many of them and I thought they wouldn't be that great. I did however read the Old Republic books since I love the games that have to do with that era in Star Wars and I figured it would have to do with the MMO. Seeing that Darth Bane takes place in the Old Republic era I read them and now I want to read into all of the other eras. Even if you're a book reader and have had any second thoughts about reading Star Wars books for any reason, I highly recommend you read these.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Future Endevour

Well after almost a week, superpoints finally gave me the 10 bucks for the points I accumulated and redeemed. That 10 dollars went toward buying something that will help me with something I am going to be working on. I wanted to do something for a while and my friend gave me an idea that I was able to pair with that that could possibly make me money. Even if I make nothing from it, I won't care much since it's something I'm going to really enjoy. Keep checking because within the week I'll reveal what it is. I just hope people will like it. If you want to join superpoints and get some money to help you out than go to this LINK.

You can find my friend's blog that he just made HERE. It's really good and you should check it out.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

SWGEmu: Star Wars Galaxies Emulator

For a couple of years now (I think), the people over at swgemu.com have been working tirelessly to bring back star wars galaxies to it's former glory, to how it was when it was first released, Pre-CU (Combat Upgrade). For clarification, I am talking about SOE's Star Wars Galaxies that came out in 2003, not Bioware's  Star Wars: The Old Republic that came out in 2011.  (which I love, by the way.)

As a background to show how much this means to me I'll start with this. When I was young, star wars galaxies was my favorite game of all time. It showed me a whole new type of game where I could roam the galaxy I loved from watching the movies, and be whatever I wanted to be. I started the game when they released the Star Wars Galaxies: the Total Experience pack in 2005. It was the most fun game I have ever played and I still to this day believe it was better than World of Warcraft is now. I had so much fun exploring planets and space, being a Teras Kasi Master and Creature Handler Master, roaming the galaxy with my Krayt Dragon pet named Monster, and having fun at the parties my guild had in our player made town. I was even starting along the long journey to becoming a jedi. Then Sony Online Entertainment came out with the dreaded NGE (New Game "Enhancements") It made the game many times less fun, less challenging, and extremely boring. So many people ended up leaving the game because of it that SOE gave people a refund on the just released new expansion. The NGE destroyed my guild and my fun. No more was I a Teras Kasi Master and a Creature Handler Master, so I had to choose from SOE's new generic boring classes so taking the obvious young teen choice, I became a jedi. But not the great and powerful jedi that took a long time to become,  like before NGE, instead I became a jedi that anyone could start out as. A jedi that could be killed by any lowly character with a dis-functional blaster or a semi-sharp vibroblade. I was always wanting instead of being pleasantly surprised at the new things I discovered in game. I tried to stick it out for a while, but couldn't stand it anymore, so a month or so later I of course left the game and never went back. To this day I feel a sort of sadness at the enjoyment that was lost, and a sort of joy at the great memories I had with the friends I made. I know it probably sounds strange, but playing SWG was one of the biggest moments in my childhood because of the joy it brought me.

One day a couple of years ago, I was reminiscing about SWG with one of my WoW guild mates and it made me want to see what was going on in the game at that time. A bit of random internet surfing brought me to swgemu.com. After finding my old install discs, I downloaded and installed their software and got into their servers. I was instantly blasted with the feeling of nostalgia and had the biggest smile on my face. The game played just like it did when i played it back in 2005. Of course it isn't exact since they were, and still are developing the game to be exactly how it was and to get everything perfect, so I have been following what has been going on in their work. I wish the best of luck to SWGEmu's developers and thank them a million times for their hard work.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Saving Money

My whole family has been using slickdeals.net for quite some time now, and we've saved a lot of money thanks to it. Users post deals that they've found from all over the internet on just about anything you could buy. Want a videogame for 20 dollars off? Want a pack of 20 boxes of breakfast cereal for the price of 6? How about a 2 year sunscription to a magazine for 5 bucks? All you have to do is check slickdeals.net for great prices on things you want/need. When I needed to upgrade my memory on my desktop PC, I checked slickdeals and it told me that a website had some on sale and  I bought 8gb of ram for just 20 dollars. I highly recommend that you check slickdeals before you buy something specific because you never know how much you could save.

They are probably the oldest and best way to save money. There are websites all over that have coupons for  anything you need at the store. Most of them are of course for food items, which is where you could save the most money. Many websites have whole lists of coupons that they have available and all you have to do is click which ones you want, print them out, take them to the store when you go food shopping, and save a whole lot of money. In economic times like these, every dollar and cents that you save can go a long way, especially when you're saving a lot at a time.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Making Money

I haven't been able to find a job since my seasonal job last holiday season so I've been trying to find ways to make and save money. A couple of months ago I started following a blog called 10 to the 6th where the creator is trying to turn the money he makes off of his blog into a million dollars. I have gotten a couple of good ideas off of him and there are a couple more I have tried in the past. For more money making/saving tips don't forget to check out 10 to the 6th.

Copper Pennies
The best idea I got from 10 to the 6th is collecting copper pennies. Pennies that were made before, and some during 1982 were made out of 95% copper and 5% zinc. When the price of copper to make a penny was more than the penny was worth, pennies were changed to being made from 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper. People have started collecting the copper pennies so that when the penny is discontinued in the US the ban on melting pennies down will be lifted and the copper penny collectors will be able to melt them down for their copper value. Currently every penny is worth 2.24 cents so getting a large amount of them can be a great investment. Many people are holding onto the pennies for the future, but seeing as how I need money more now than I probably will in the future I am collecting the pennies and selling them on ebay to those who are collecting for the future.

Silver Coins
After getting into copper penny collecting I did more research on the subject and came across silver coins. Quarters were made of silver from 1932 until 1964, dimes from 1946 to 1964, and nickels from 1942 to 1945. If you find those coins you could made a larger amount of money than the pennies since they are worth dollars each, but they are much rarer and more time consuming to find. My brother has been collecting coins over the last school year to then cash in later, but after searching through his big collection of coins he only found one dime.

I started using Superpoints months ago but it was 10 to the 6th that got be back into it. Superpoints is a website where you take surveys and watch ads for points, then redeem those points for rewards like gift cards or money sent to your paypal account. There is also a button to click that can give you free points if you're lucky enough. You can sign up for free, but if you use my referral link you can get bonus points.
Just use my link HERE then sign up and start earning points for free money.

Blog Writing
Anyone can start a blog, and you can write about anything you want. As long as you write about interesting things and link your account to google's adsense you can make money. I myself have had this blog for about  4 months and have made 80 dollars so far. I would have made a much bigger amount but I have been lazy and haven't updated it as often as I should. That being something I am trying to work on this summer and hopefully I will update more often. As long as you update often you can make a pretty good amount of money.

My next blog post will be about ways I save money.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Big Bang Theory

My brother got the first 4 seasons on DVD last Christmas and I finally decided to watch them. This show really is right up there with some of the funniest shows ever which is surprising with today's trend of hit and miss shows. At least with the episodes I have watched (seasons 1-4) there really isn't any dull episodes.

One problem I have is that they do get a lot of things wrong when it comes to the geek things the reference. Honestly I can't remember most of the things but the major thing I remember is the World of Warcraft references they make. The things they reference from in-game and the things they say they do in the game don't even exist. Instead of saying the actual in-game things and giving a shout out to their geeky WoW playing viewers, they make lazy made up words that just really annoy me. For a show that boasts that they get their information correct, it's a pretty big problem. It wouldn't be much of a hassle to just look up things from the game and add it to their script, and it would even make WoW playing viewers love the show a bit more.

Since I don't know every science reference they make, I really can't tell if they are getting it wrong, but from things I have read from people that do understand them, the show surprisingly does get most, if not all of it right.

If you have not yet watched the show I highly recommend you do. I'd hate for anyone to miss any show that is so highly praised as The Big Bang Theory.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Game of Thrones: season 2 finale

Well honestly not as much as I wanted to happen has happened so far in the show but the finale has showed great things to come. there really isn't a good way for me to do this without spoilers except to say that the episode was amazing so....


My favorite part of the episode, because of it's show of things to come, was the ending with the white walkers. The white walkers are the one things I have anticipating most since the first episode. I can't wait to see what havoc they wreak and what they are truly capable of. I feel that they are more than just simple zombies and have a great story behind them.

The next thing I love is how Daenerys gets her dragons back, kills the warlock guy and traps the black guy (can't remember their names) and is now heading back west to take the iron throne. I don't really think she will end up taking the throne, but the show has surprised me many times before.

Something I didn't really see coming is the fact that Sansa is no longer going to be the queen after marrying Joffrey so it would seem things are going to end up being worse for her as long as she is in King's Landing.

Things are also probably going to get a lot harder for Tyrion.

I'm still pretty mad about the fact that Jaime was sent free but I have a feeling that bad things will happen to him.

I'm thinking Arya is just going to end up getting back to her family but since it's just her and the two others, I'm pretty sure she's going to have to use the coin.

I'm confused as to how Winterfell burned since it was surrounded by Bran's men

I thought it was hilarious what happened to Theon but he's such a confused person I think Bran is going to have mercy on him if he finds out his brother's are ok.

I'm sad to see Maester Luwin die.

Jaqen H'ghar is just simply awesome.

I really can't wait untill next season.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Learning Russian

This is going to be my first of posting about things going on in my life. A while ago my mom bought Rosetta Stone to learn Russian so she could speak Russian with her Russian co-workers but never used it. About a month ago I tried it out so the money wouldn't be wasted and loved it. I only finished the first lesson, but redid it many times to get it right. But just like just about everything else I do in my life, I never finished it, so tomorrow I am going to try again. Hopefully this time I'll keep with it. I'll let you guys know how I'm doing with it in about a week.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Men in Black 3

Many people of course expected very little from this movie being that it is a 3rd sequel of a great movie, but this movie did not disappoint me at all. Although i wasn't really looking forward to the movie at all and didn't really care that they made it, after seeing it I am very happy to have seen it. I enjoyed the movie from start to finish, laughing at every joke they made, enjoying all of the action, and (almost) crying at the emotional part. I didn't cry because real men don't cry (kidding).
Just as you can gather from the trailers, K has gone missing and it is up to J to find out what happened to him by going back in time. This has to be the greatest idea for the series to show why K is the way he is and why J was chosen to become one of the Men in Black.
If you have never watched a Men in Black movie, I extremely highly recommend you watch them all. MIB is one of my favorite movies series and for a very good reason. Since i haven;t watched the first one for a long time I really want to go watch it again.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Avengers

Last night I saw The Avengers and loved it. I had my doubts about it when I found out they were going to fight aliens but it ended up working out perfectly. There were a lot of parts that were really obvious that they were going to happen including the ending, and a lot of parts when it made you say "why didn't they do that in the first place?" My friends and I thought it was pretty stupid that we were supposed to know who hawkeye was. There were a few funny parts thrown into the movie and they were all really funny. All of the action parts were great but it got annoying with some of the camera angles like when it randomly went sideways for some reason.
I didn't see the Thor or Captain America movies but it didn't hinder my enjoyment of the movie not knowing any of their back story, but it did make me want to watch the movies. Despite its flaws i still thought it was one of the best super hero movies and I highly recommend you watch it.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Diablo 3

Once again all of the great things i said about the beta of course still apply to the full game. I did have many problems getting it to work though. I started installing the game at 9pm and not until 2am was i able to finally get the game to work. Many people were having problems with a battle.net .exe called Agent and the only "fix" that worked for me was that someone posted their working battle.net folder for people to use so after using that i was finally able to get the game to work. There are still many other problems that people are having, the biggest being that if you give your Templar companion a shield it will disconnect you and lock your account out of Diablo 3. how something like that could happen is way beyond me, i have never heard of such a glitch before.

As I said in the beta's review, I love to explore every nook and cranny in the game to find anything at all, destroying every tree stump and barrel hoping to find gold and trying to find every enemy in an area to kill. Of course there really wasn't much of a reason to do it in the beta but now it actually will help my character.

Just as in the beta, I have been playing as the monk and loving it. I of course really can't say much comparing it to the other classes since I haven't played them, but if the other classes are as fun to play as as the monk is then no class could disappoint.

Even if you haven't played the previous Diablo games like me, I highly recommend getting this game. Blizzard once again brings us a great game that fails to disappoint and gives me another reason to have them as my favorite game developer.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sniper Elite V2

So all of the things i said about the demo still stand except for the fact that in the full game, things are even better.

There are still some things that I find stupid though:
You can shoot the guy with the welrod pistol and they will just stand there and take it while you load the next shot.
Enemies will somehow know exactly where you are whenever you shoot.
At some points you can walk past an enemy without him even noticing you.

A cool thing that wasn't in the demo is the fact that loud noises can mask your sound. A little indicator pops up on the top of your screen when there's a loud noise.

Despite those flaws, I still love this game and know that I will have multiple playthroughs as I try different ways of completing levels.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

War Horse

It's been a while since I last posted something, mostly because I haven't really been experiencing new things until tonight when I watched War Horse with my family. After this I will hopefully end up writing more posts.

Steven Spielberg has graced this world with yet again with another masterpiece in cinematography with War Horse.

War Horse is the story of a boy who gets a horse that everyone but him doubts at it's abilities. It takes place right before and during WWI. After training the horse named Joey, Albert has to give up Joey after his father sells Joey to the British army for the war effort so that he can pay the rent on the family farm. The story then continues to show what is happening to Joey during the war.

I have to be completely honest and say that I almost came to tears many times in this movie because of sadness and happiness. I loved the story entirely and did not get bored of it at all. It shows a side of WWI that many people never knew existed, that being the horses' role in the war on both sides, but I don't think it showed enough.

It is really hard to explain how much I loved the movie and what parts I loved most without having spoilers, and I want to stay away from a spoiler section because I know many people look in spoiler sections and wish they never did in the first place (me) and ends up ruining main parts of stories.

If you have not yet seen War Horse, I highly recommend you see it, no matter what genre you prefer.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Game of Thrones (show)

     Game of Thrones is by far my favorite show of the last few years. It starts off strong in the beginning scenes and keeps going with one of the greatest stories a show has ever had, thanks to the books in the series called A Song of Ice and Fire written by George R.R. Martin, which the show was adapted by. Game of Thrones Pulled me in immediately and kept me in the story constantly interested in what was going on, making me want more and more and never wanting to stop watching it. I watched the entire first season and the first 2 episodes of the second in 2 days and the only reason I am not watching it right now as I am typing this is because of internet problems which is causing problems with HBO's streaming service on Xbox Live called HBO GO.

   Game of Thrones has made me feel for the characters in all emotions especially my hate for the Lannister family, except for Tyrion, and my love for the Stark family which I am sure is exactly what the show's creators aimed for.

     The acting is so great show-wide that you forget you are watching a show and instead think that you are watching something that is actually happening since everyone is so believable. Every actor gets their character's personality perfect and it is easy to figure out how they are, until they surprise you with a twist to reveal their true intentions.

     The visuals are something to marvel at. All special effects look completely realistic and the settings always look magnificent. From the snowy forests of the north to the city streets of King's Landing, the areas the show takes place in couldn't be more perfect to help tell the story.

     If you have yet to see Game of Thrones I extremely highly suggest you start watching it especially if you love the fantasy genre.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ninja Gaiden 3

I played the demo for it and one word that would describe it is boring. I don't know why but for some reason i always thought that the Ninja Gaiden games were stealth games, probably because you're a freakin ninja. Nope I was wrong, it's just another one of those boring mash the x button and slash a guy 6748635 times to kill him games. Probably the worst part of the demo, and the part i turned it off, was when I go into an area completely covered in smoke and the helper woman or whatever tells you "This smoke should shroud you from the enemies" or something along those lines, then you constantly get hit by enemies with rocket launchers that shouldn't be able to see you. You can't do anything because every time you try to move, attack, or jump you get hit by 3+ rockets that do a lot of damage to you and knock you to the ground. So I'm never touching a Ninja Gaiden game ever again, and honestly I'm not sure why it's been around for so long. I really hope for the developer's sake that this is just a the bad egg in the series.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Diablo III Beta

This passing weekend, Blizzard had the open beta for Diablo III. It let you play as any of the classes until about level 10 when you kill the main boss of what I am guessing is the starting quest line.

The Graphics were great and added to the dark and evil feel of things going on in the game, though I had to turn them down because the beta was very laggy for me.

 I only played as the Monk and already found the class I want to use in the full game. The Monk uses a combination of martial arts and holy powers to take down his/her enemies. The abilities of the Monk were really fun and easy to get a handle on, probably because you can get by by just constantly clicking the left mouse button for single enemies then click the right mouse button when surrounded by enemies for an area attack. I'm certain that it would get a lot more complicated as you play the game since I of course only played the beta.

The areas and dungeons are so fun to explore and as I was getting closer to the end I had to constantly stop myself from exploring so much since the end of the beta would reset everything no matter what I found. An added awesomeness is that for every character you have, the dungeons are randomly generated so you never have any two playthoughs exactly the same.

Another thing I got a great look at is the endless amounts of glorious loot that you can get by killing enemies. In the full game they will have an "auction house" for buying and selling equipment, items, and characters for either real or in-game money.

There is also people you can recruit to help you in either battle or crafting. You can equip, level up, and assign skills to your battle companions and level up your crafting companions to make you new armor and weapons.

The last thing I'll touch on is the story. From just the small sampling of story that I got from the beta, I can tell that the story will be epic. If you have ever seen the cinematic trailer then that is the exact point where your character comes in. He/She comes to town looking for a fallen star that landed in the chapel, and adventure ensues.

I didn't really care that much about the game before i played the beta, but now I cannot wait.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sniper Elite V2

      Both me and my dad have played the demo that came out yesterday 5+ times each. Does that answer your question as to what I think about it? The game is one of the best WW2 games I have ever played, and that's just the demo we experienced. The whole thing will of course bring even more greatness.

      In the game you play Karl Fairburne, an American OSS agent as he stalks behind the enemy's lines in Berlin 1945 looking for scientists behind the German's V2 rocket program. Of course as the title says you are an elite sniper (big shock) so your main weapon is a sniper rifle. just about everything in the game is based around your skills as a sniper. The coolest thing I experience in the game was the bullet cam where at certain key moments, the camera will follow the bullet as it flies through the air and rips through your enemies' bodies showing how it damages the body whether it be breaking through the ribs, cracking open the skull, or shooting out someone's eye. The best thing was when I pulled off a shot that ripped through one German's skull, flew through the air then ripped through another skull. It may sound strange but me and my dad cheered and high-five at that moment just from the shear awesomeness. Both my mom and brother ran down the stairs thinking something amazing happened on TV but came to realize it was just a game. They just didn't get it.  Both my dad and I cannot wait until Sniper Elite V2 comes out because we are 100% sure that it will be pure awesomeness.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Magic: The Gathering

      For the past two weeks I have started to really get into playing Magic. I have been having so much fun with it and I am so happy that i meat my new friends that play it with me. I have always wanted to get into playing, but never bothered to buy any cards because i never had anyone to play with. Now thanks to my friend who introduced me to his group of friends, I have really cool people to play with.

      I have loved trading card games since I was young, going through the Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh fazes when they were at the height of their popularity (when they started). I also currently collect World of Warcraft cards, but I just collect them because I love everything WoW and love the cards' art, and of course for the off chance of getting and selling loot cards to buy more cards. Hopefully I'll end up meeting people that play WoW TCG then I'd definitely get into playing that too.

      I've only played a couple days, mostly today (for most of the day) and I absolutely love it. The wide range of cards lets you have many different strategies and deck types for taking down your opponents. There are even different game types for added challenges and fun. The satisfaction of taking down your opponent after a long drawn out match is second only to getting very lucky and pulling off a perfect sequence of cards that ends the match early. The game is really easy to learn and everything that your cards do is spelled out to the detail on the card itself. With some cards the description can, however, be a little confusing but simply looking up the card on the internet or asking a Magic veteran will clear it up.

      I love Magic: The Gathering, and I am certain I will continue to play it for years to come.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bitcoins (2)

And to nobody's surprise, including mine. I have given up Bitcoin mining, at least for now. My GPU running at 16.5 Mhash/s made me a whopping 0.13472335 BTC which is about 62 cents in about 2 weeks. Maybe I'll get back into it when I get a better graphics card... probably not.

30 Minutes or Less

OK after this point I am no longer going to state the obvious fact that for a lot of movies it takes me forever to watch them. I laughed hard throughout this movie all the way to the final line. It is basically constant hilarity plus a great story, which is really rare to find since film makers seem to be sacrificing story for comedy for the past however many years it has been. From the beginning of the movie the story is set up perfectly to inform you about the characters: what is going on in their lives, what their flaws are, and what their personality is like. Thanks to that, you feel like you know them and feel for them when things go wrong. When it comes to the comedy, There were no pathetic attempts anywhere in the movie unlike my last review. Every joke they made was great and made me laugh. Everything fit perfectly with the movie so it didn't feel like a joke was out of place. I find it really hard to think of any criticisms about the movie. After a couple minutes of thinking since that last sentence, I'll just have to say the movie was hilariously amazing.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Puss in Boots

Another movie that has been out for a while but i finally got around to watching it. I expected this movie to not be good at all but I was happily surprised at how it was actually pretty funny. The story didn't really pull me in very much and I really didn't care about the characters or what happened to them. One thing I was really confused about was whether the story is supposed to be before, after, or completely separate from Shrek, and I was really hoping for some kind of reference to Shrek in the movie. The movie was funny and had a lot of great laughs but there were a lot of weak attempts at a joke that i was really disappointed at. They tried way too hard at times when a simpler joke would have been great. Overall i do think it was a good movie and if you like the Shrek movies than it would definitely be a movie you'd like.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


I know it has been out for a while, but I finally ended up watching it. I think that a lot of the reviews I saw for it saying it was complete crap was way too harsh. I enjoyed the movie, and thought it was a really cool look into a weird version of the near future that I have never seen before. Although I enjoyed it I still had the constant feeling that there was something missing. There wasn't really much of a mystery going on except about the gun that kills surrogates and their controllers, but it seemed like they tried to add more to it. That key word of course being 'tried' since they really didn't accomplish it. The last part I really didn't like was how the ending was really abrupt and really didn't make me care about what happened. I was really hoping for it to be a good movie, but I guess every great looking movie can't fulfill the hype.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Family Guy Online (2)

Well 2 betas have gone by and I got into both of them, but ever time I tried to log in, the servers were full. I did however see that there were some new videos of the game and watched them. The game looks like it is really funny, and just as I said before, it makes me really want to explore the town which this game lets a long time fan like myself do. I am really started to get excited for it. I'm really not expecting it to be a great game, I am really just in it for the hilarity. I'll have another post about it if I do get into the next beta, or when the game comes out.

Monday, March 19, 2012


A couple of months ago I read an article in a magazine, I think it was Wired, about Bitcoins. It is a legitimate Internet money system that can be easy transferred into your money of choice. The way that you gain Bitcoins though is unlike any other way. This will probably be a crappy description since I don't get the full idea of it but lets give it a shot. You get Bitcoins by committing your CPU or preferably your GPU to "mining" which is constantly figuring out mathematical equations until you discover a "block" which will give you 50 Bitcoins (BTC). On average it would take someone as of now two years to get a block, so people have come together and created "pools" which are groups of people who each get smaller, easier mathematical equations and when a block is found, everyone gets a fair share of the Bitcoins. My desktop currently has 2 fairly powerful GPUs and one of them isn't used much so for the past two days I have committed that second GPU to mining Bitcoins in a pool called Slush's Pool. Since it is a GPU that I do not use, I can go about my daily videogaming and internet surfing without problems. As of writing this I have made a whopping confirmed amount of 0.01033337 BTC which is equal to about a nickel. Not much, I know, but if I had more powerful GPUs and more computers to commit to mining, than I would be making a lot more Bitcoins. I'm not sure if I'll continue with mining since I have really just been experimenting with how it works, but we'll see.

To get a better description of Bitcoins and mining than you're probably better off just googling Bitcoins.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Jet Set Radio HD remake

Sega had a teaser a bit ago with the Jet Set Radio emblem.
Recently they came out and said they are releaseing an HD remake of the game for XBLA and PSN.
I am extremely excited.
Unfortunately it's not coming out until the summer.
Pretty much all I have to say about it.
Can't wait!

The article I read about it is here.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Am Alive

I played the trial for the game, and I have to say that it really intrigued me. It's another post apocalyptic game. There really isn't much information as to how the apocalypse happened, and I'm sure it is explained later in the game. I like how it seems to be an apocalypse that you usually font see in a game. There's a lot of talk about earthquakes and dust but what it was caused by wasn't told in the trial.

The only thing in the story that is given in the trial is that the man you play as, didn't really catch his name, nor did I care, was on the east coast of the US and traveled west for about a year to find his wife and daughter. When you get to his apartment they of course aren't there but a letter was left from a year earlier. So what i can gather, the game is about a man finding his family in a post apocalyptic world.

The game play seems pretty cool with some OK combat mechanics and travel methods. It has the climbing mechanics that you see or the saboteur (pretty good but not as good as Assassin's Creed's climbing), but with a stamina bar that slowly drains or goes faster when doing more tiring things like jumping from one ledge to another. There is also a rope that you can use, which isn't in the trial, to swing from one ledge to another. The combat comes down to basically just threatening people with a gun with no ammo, shooting them if you find A bullet (emphasis on the 'A' on purpose), and cutting people up with a machete. It's nothing special but works for the game.

The visuals are dreary as it should be with a game that has such a theme. As much of the game I saw, almost everything is in black and white with faint color showing, which looks really cool. That's about all I have to say about that.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Zeno Clash

Now this game is..interesting. There really isn't much of an introduction to the game so it's really confusing as to what is going on, but the most i could gather is that you have killed your father-mother, whatever that is, and you are on the run from your brothers and sisters..and there are a lot of them. I'm not quite sure what to say about the game except that from the 30 minutes i played it, I didn't like it, and I'm happy I payed very little for it. It is very confusing and the combat isn't that great. at many times it is aggravating because you take so much damage from a few hits and it is very hard to defend yourself. Now granted it is a indie game and i did compare it in my mind to bigger games, but from what it is I still think it is a good job by it's creators. The one thing i loved about it is the art of the game and it's graphics which are very distinct from other games and everything looks great.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Mass Effect 3

So after 26 hours of playing Mass Effect 3 since midnight launch (not playing straight without sleeping) I finally beat Mass Effect 3. Only one word can describe it..."AWESOME!" This game is truly amazing. Bioware has finished the trilogy with the greatest game yet. I could not have wished for a better end to the trilogy except for two parts (see spoiler for part 1 if you dare). and part two, it leaves a lot of questions.

The story pulls you in so much that all you want is more, and it constantly gives you an amazing story that you feel keeps going (in a good way) but of course must come to an end. you tie up a lot of loose ends with people you have met and learn a lot about things that have happened in the background of the games.

The combat has been greatly improved since the last two games, and no longer feels like a purely RPG game which the second game tried to do but in my mind didn't fully accomplish. The weapon selection is great and adds more with the weapon mods, but I found myself using the same exact weapons and mods for my character and squad members. The powers have also been greatly improved and are more effective than the last games giving you more options to take down you're enemies. The last couple of games I always found myself using only my weapons and occasionally my powers, but in this game I was always using a combination of them both to effectively take down my enemies.



OK so the first part that I didn't like is that no matter what you do, shepherd dies, everyone loses the advanced technology including the citadel and mass relays. in a way I hate it, but also when I thought about it, its something different, in a good way of course, and the endings are quite poetic. but in any case, shouldn't have left so many questions.
SPOILER EDIT: so it ends up shepherd can survive, you just need your military rating thing at over 5000 which requires a combination of single and multi player. soooo... mass effect 4?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bloons Tower Defense 5

Lately I've been addicted to the flash game Bloons Tower Defense 5. I think that this is the greatest tower defense game there is out there. There is a great variety of towers, great experience and upgrading system, great maps, and game types. Ninja Kiwi keep the game fresh by adding daily challenges to earn cash so that you can buy special agents that have special abilities to help you beat levels. The daily challenges restrict you to certain towers, and throw harder bloons at you to defeat, making it challenging and fun. There are so many different strategies that you can take with each map on different difficulties that the play time is endless as you constantly want to beat your highest wave. The have sandbox mode so that you can test out your strategies, and it lets you choose what bloons come at your towers to test their strengths.

My favorite flash game genre is tower defense, so I've played a lot of different ones, and Bloons TD5 is definitely my favorite of all time.

You can play this great game over at Ninja Kiwi's website HERE

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl

Really couldn't care who won but I think it would have been a pretty good ending with the Patriots catching that last throw for the win.

I was way more interested in the commercials. There were some pretty good ones, but I don't think for the most part that they lived up to how good past years' commercials have been.

And that's about it...

Family Guy Online

I just found out that they are coming out with a Family Guy browser game. I've loved Family Guy since I was little, and it is my favorite show ever, but even I am skeptical about this. I do think it's pretty cool that because of it there will be an actual layout of Quahog, and I'm sure there will be some pretty funny things to happen in the game. I really hope that the game turns out really good

Here's the story I saw on IGN: http://pc.ign.com/articles/121/1217933p1.html

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Let me begin with saying this: I LOVE MICROWAVEABLE POPCORN. I love it so much that I have even found ways to get the most out of it, and I'll tell you my method.

First I take the bag and unfold it then I proceed to mush around the kernels and the butter flavoring.
Then I put the popcorn in the microwave and set it for any time over 3 minutes just to be safe.
After that I wait and listen to the popping noise and enjoy the awesome smell of popcorn, waiting to hear for when the popping gets to slow down.
When the popping starts to get to about a pop every couple seconds I take it out.
Then if the bag isn't, I open it just a tiny bit, turn it upside-down and shake it over a trash can to get any unpopped kernels out without any popcorn getting out..
Then I open the bag completely and shake the bag up for about 20 seconds, making sure that the butter has evenly coated the popcorn and get any extra off the sides of the bag.
Lastly I just simple put it in a bowl and enjoy.

For all I know, this could be common knowledge, but just to be safe I'd like to get this out there and let others know how to get the best out of one of the greatest snacks known to man (and woman).

My favorite brand?
I LOVE Pop Secret Extra Butter. I've tried many brands and varieties and this is the one I cant get enough of. In my opinion, Orville Redenbacher's isn't buttery enough, no matter the kind, it leave a nasty odor in my house, and the overall taste doesn't appeal to me much. Pop Weaver is another brand I don't like. It has even less butter than Orville Redenbacher's and not a lot of popcorn in each bag. Don't make me stop you from trying these brands, by all means buy them. You mights end up liking them like my brother who loves Orville Redenbacher's, and the only thing I want is for you to get the best out of your popcorn eating experience.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Skyrim Creation Kit

So Bethesda announced that their creation kit for Skyrim will be coming out on Tuesday, and this got me really excited. Since Oblivion I've dabbled in creating my own mods, but never ended up making anything serious. The most I did was make a few weapons for Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, and was never able to finish anything good for Oblivion. With the release of the new creation kit, I hope to seriously get into modding Skyrim and attempt to create some really good mods.

Along with the Creation kit, there will be the steam workshop coming out where people can upload, browse, and download mods from authors. The only problem I have with this is that there could be many great mods that are offered on only the steam workshop or only skyrimnexus.com, where skyrim mods are uploaded now, and now people will have to deal with two places to look for good mods. Of course it really isn't such a bad thing, but it could mean that you can miss out on some really good mods unless you really look at both sites. It also means though that mod authors have to deal with two sites to update their mods, and help anyone having trouble with it. Once again it's really not that bad of a thing, but could get a bit annoying.

Mass Effect: Deception

OK, so this one isn't really a review but more of how pissed I am about it. I was so happy when they announced that another mass effect book was coming out, but my happiness level went way down when I found out that Drew Karpyshyn, the writer of the other Mass Effect books wasn't writing Deception. I thought to myself, "well I'm sure that the new guy will at least get things right such as lore elements and I'm sure that he'll be able to continue the story of the books since they chose him." But no, it ends up that the entire book is filled with nothing but flaws. So many that fans started a Google doc correcting every error in the book, and it continues to grow as people find new mistakes. It saddens me greatly that the book is so horrible, and I dare not buy it just so I can read it and be even more disappointed and confused as i read through the countless mistakes. Although I would love to know how the story of the other books continues/ends (don't know which the book deals with) there is no way that I would waste my money on it. I just hope that they come out with a new version of the book written by Drew Karpyshyn.

Of course I haven't read the book so I really can't actually say that it is horrible, but so many upset fans can't be wrong....

UPDATE: so my mom ended up preordering it for me before Christmas and I just got it today, so when I read it I'll give an actual review on it, but it may take a while since I have 4 other books in like before it.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hi, Welcome to my new blog!

with this blog I'll just simply add my thoughts on randoms things that are going on in the world, maybe review new products I've bought, or just talk about random things going on in my head. I hope you will read and enjoy my thoughts, and please don't hesitate to comment on my thoughts.